Scorpio Worst Careers

Accountant: While Scorpio can be good with numbers in certain settings, the practice of accounting is typically too dry and methodical for most Scorpios to enjoy doing on an ongoing basis.

Traveling Sales: Salespeople in general have to have an upbeat, lively energy to be successful. This doesn’t fit the introverted Scorpio personality very well at all. Because Scorpios are a fixed zodiac sign, traveling isn’t too appealing to them either.

Scorpios are great at talking to other people up, but when it comes to themselves? Not as much. As confident as Scorpios are in their abilities, they like for others to recognize it on their own without having to brag about themselves.

Politician: While Scorpios do succeed in positions of power, being the in the public eye just isn’t all that desirable to them. At all. And the part about all of their dirty laundry becoming public knowledge? Forget it.

While Scorpios can be perfectly at home on a live stage, they usually don’t seek it out. They’re perfectly happy to remain behind-the-scenes, doing important work that supports the “star” of the show.

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