Scorpio Sex

Scorpios are known as the most sexual of the zodiac signs, which can be intimidating. But do their real-life abilities really live up to all that hype? In one word: Yes! Scorpio’s sexual stamina is legendary, and once you’ve been with a Scorpio, you aren’t likely to forget it. Scorpios take sex very seriously, and it can be almost like a religious experience for them. Despite their intense sexuality, Scorpios aren’t known for one-night stands or especially risqué behavior. They crave a soulful connection with people they hook up with.

When Scorpios are in a fully committed relationship, they’re capable of great sexual loyalty and devotion. In their eyes, a relationship is forever, and when they’re able to reach a level of trust and understanding, their inhibitions drop to dangerous levels. Scorpios can be into some pretty kinky stuff sexually, but you’ll only know it if you’re extremely close to them. They aren’t the kiss and tell types, but when there’s trust, there can be some steamy sex talk—sexting and beyond!

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