Scorpio Career Weaknesses

Guarded: When working with or for a Scorpio, you never know exactly what your boss is thinking. Scorpios’ cautious nature can mean they’re suspicious at best and paranoid at worst.

Stubborn: Scorpios are a fixed sign and they can be extremely stubborn. Once they have an idea in their head, they don’t often waiver, so it’s hard for coworkers and even bosses to impose their visions on them.

Resentful: Scorpio holds a grudge, both personally and professionally. If you wrong a Scorpio in any way, this isn’t a zodiac sign that’s likely to forget it.

Brutally Honest: Scorpios have firm thoughts and opinions, and they don’t have a problem expressing them even if they make someone else feel bad. They’re seldom intentionally rude, but their confident nature doesn’t give them the need to sugar coat anything.

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