Scorpio House

Scorpio rules over the eighth house, which is most often referred to as the house of sex, death, and inheritance. This house rules over all things considered to be sexually taboo, sexual impulses, primitive and base instincts and urges, but also sex in the more intimate sense.

This house delves deep into the nature of sexual relationships, specifically how we interact and how those interactions affect us in a greater sense. It helps us get the most out of these relationships by exploring the deep emotional undercurrents that exist between people who care about each other.

The eighth house is also closely associated with the unknown, including all aspects of death, and attempts to guide us in situations where we feel we have no control (like when someone we care about dies).  Control is lost when we have no explanation for what’s happening around us. This explains part of Scorpios’ deep-seated curiosity to know everything—the more they know, the more they feel they are in control.

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