Scorpio Love Language

Right up front, any communication between you and your Scorpio lover has to be honest. Scorpios don’t tolerate being lied to, and won’t forget the times you’ve been dishonest with them. Leaving a Scorpio with lingering doubts is almost like a death sentence for your relationship. As bad as the truth might be, whatever you’ve done won’t be quite as bad as you lying about it.

When things are going well, your Scorpio lover won’t smother you in endless compliments. But when they do tell you something they like about you, it will be heartfelt and honest. Likewise, you don’t have to shower them with endless compliments. They know what their strengths are. Although they don’t mind hearing them from you once in a while, if you go overboard they’ll start to think you’re being insincere.

While Scorpios are liked a closed book, even when you’ve known them for some time, they are one of the best listeners around. When you need a shoulder to cry on or some friendly advice, your Scorpio lover is there for you.

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