How to Seduce a Scorpio

In order to seduce a Scorpio, you have to be honest. Scorpio is an intuitive sign and will spot someone who isn’t telling them the truth a mile away. If you aren’t upfront with them and they find out later, it’s even worse. They can handle the truth, but it better come from you and it better come soon. Scorpio does love a good mystery and getting caught up in sexual intrigue. A carefully planned seduction of a Scorpio includes humor, intelligent conversation, confidence, and a good plan. Scorpio is seduced by someone who knows what they want and how to get it!

Scorpios also love the thrill of the chase, so a good way to seduce them is to play hard to get. Flirt with abandon (be funny and clever) and then leave. Let them miss you. Let them think about you for a while before you make contact again, and don’t give in to all their demands. Scorpios like to be in control, but they also like someone who can challenge them.

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