Scorpio Numerology

Numerology and astrology are closely related, and each planetary body is linked with a number between one and nine. Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, which is assigned the number nine and Pluto, which is linked with zero. Therefore, when combined, Scorpio’ official numerology number is nine.

According to Numerology, nine people are fighters. They often have difficulty early in life, but with their inner strength and determination they can overcome the obstacles they’re faced with and become extremely successful in life.

Not ones to easily give up, nine people are usually obvious to spot by their independent and masculine nature. They’re the ones working beside you who won’t give up no matter what the uphill battle brings. Yes, they can be quick to judge, impulsive, and have a quick temper. It’s worth noting, they usually only show this side of themselves when they feel they’re backed into a corner and have no other way out.

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