Scorpio Moon

There is no shortage of intensity when it comes to Scorpio moon placements. This is a moon sign that seeks emotional intensity in all of their interactions. The moon in Scorpio is actually in “fall,” or in one of the moon’s least comfortable placements. The moon in the birth chart rules our comfort and stability, but when it shows up in Scorpio, there is very little of that, which leads to uncomfortable or unnerving feelings. Some of Scorpio’s shadow sides or tendencies can easily crop up with this placement, and Scorpio moon natives can oftentimes find themselves leaning into their shadow sides: jealousy, the need for control, power struggles, and even manipulation.

Scorpio rules the psyche and parts that we keep hidden from others—there’s a natural interest in the psychological and an ability to perform thorough research on any topic. As Scorpio is also the sign of death, rebirth, and regeneration, we can see that play out in the emotional lives of Scorpio moon placements. The desire to seek out emotionally charged situations and people. Why? Well, Scorpio is an incredibly resilient zodiac sign, and Scorpio can have an unconscious need to test his or her own strength over and over again through challenging situations.

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