Scorpio Love

In the beginning… When Scorpio likes someone, it might not always be obvious. Scorpios are excellent at bluffing about their feelings on the outside. (Even though they might be burning intensely for someone on the inside!) So, you might initially think that a Scorpio is out of reach and almost let them go—but then this zodiac sign does something to pull you back in!

When things are going well… Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs around. If they’re in a relationship that’s going well, they won’t even think about straying. They will give it back to you 100 percent, but first they need to know it’s mutual. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is an excellent long-term companion, who wants nothing more than for their love life to be safe and secure. When they feel that it is, their commitment is unwavering.

When things are on the rocks… When things with Scorpio are good, they’re very good. But when they’re bad…watch out! There are a lot of things that can go wrong in any given relationship, but it’s likely that jealousy might be one of the biggest factors. Scorpios like to get their revenge when they’re wronged and can hold a grudge for eternity. As soon as they feel like they’ve been disrespected in any way, you never know what they’ll do to “get back” at the person who’s wronged them.

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