Scorpio Best Careers & Career Advice

Private Investigator/Detective: Because Scorpio is a naturally curious zodiac sign, this zodiac sign loves to discover secrets and solve mysteries. Scorpios are excellent at finding out the details that other people want to keep hidden, and they’re able to do it in a stealthy way that no one suspects until it’s too late!

Sex Therapist: Scorpio would excel at any kind of counseling or psychiatric career, but sex therapist is almost tailor made for this sign! Scorpios create a safe “no judgement” zone for their clients. They’re comfortable hearing about all things sexual including fantasies, embarrassing details, hang-ups, and dysfunction.

Researcher: If you need information, Scorpio will find it for you. No questions asked. Which is why Scorpios make such excellent professional researchers.

Coroner: Yes, we’re going there. Scorpios are obsessed with death and the unknown, and aren’t afraid to deal with what other signs consider gross stuff like bodily fluids, decay, or foul smells. The things about being a coroner that would repel others are actually intriguing to most Scorpios.

Surgeon: Scorpios are private people, and they respect other people’s privacy. Their bedside manners might need a little work at the beginning of their careers, but most Scorpio surgeons evolve into powerful patient advocates and are well-liked by the people they treat and care for.

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