Capricorn Sex

While Capricorn is serious in the streets, they are freaks in the sheet. Sensual, physically sensitive, and strong, Capricorns make excellent lovers. Ambitious and driven, Capricorns like to feel like they’ve made a conquest, that they wooed and seduced their lover into bed. And next, they are going to do whatever it takes to please and satisfy their lover. Gifted with patience and stamina, Capricorns can make love for hours without stopping. They also crave physical touch so expect a lot of caressing, squeezing, and massaging during the act—and a whole lot of cuddling afterward.

Capricorn is cardinal sign, so they like to take initiative—both in and out of the bedroom. Being the boss of their own lives, they tend to be pretty dominant in bed. Capricorns are interested in dominant and submissive foreplay, where they take consensual control over their lover. In all things, Capricorn loves being on top. While Capricorns may seem boring and predictable in real life, they are very kinky in the bedroom.

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