Capricorn Numerology

Similar to the ruling planet, house, and element, numerology has a direct influence on zodiac signs. This is because each planetary body is linked to a single digit number. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which, in numerology, is ruled by the number eight.

Eight is the “executive” of numerology; giving off a strong, successful, vibration. It’s the number of ambition and gaining both monetary and material wealth. Eight is the number of rewards that come after a period of intense struggle—the prize at the end of the race. The number eight is also in the same shape of the infinity sign, which holds both the highest point in life and the lowest point in life.

People with an eight life path number will experience both tremendous success in life and painful failure. However, this is comforting because it brings balance. When an eight life path is going through a rough patch, they can be hopeful that their luck is going to turn around soon. If the eight’s life is going great, he or she should celebrate with some caution, as nothing is ever permanent—there are still more mountains for him or her to climb.

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