Capricorn Tarot Card

The Devil—the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana—is one we might automatically associate with fear, unnerve, and anxiety. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that this tarot card isn’t the most welcomed in the deck, but it can be harder to understand why “the devil” is portrayed as a goat. Does it make sense now that you know this card is ruled by Capricorn—the Seagoat’s zodiac sign?

This tarot card appears when we have a toxic relationship with something—such as a person or a substance. It can also appear as a sign that we’re slipping into a toxic mindset. For example, we might be falling into materialism or striving for the very best… at all costs. For that reason, the Devil is a signal that we’re giving too much of our attention to something that is adversely affecting our health, wellbeing, and relationships with others.

As the overzealous worker bee of the zodiac, Capricorn makes a perfect connection with this card. This zodiac sign has a tendency to put all their effort into their work in an impossible pursuit to claim perfection.

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