Capricorn Best Careers & Career Advice

Computer Programmer: Capricorn loves to solve complex problems, which is why you’ll absolutely see a Seagoat in Silicon Valley. Computer jobs are always in high demand, which gives the job security that Capricorn enjoys—plus the room to climb the cooperate ladder.

Teacher: Capricorn has a lot of knowledge about many different subjects and have the ability to share that knowledge with others. Capricorn is the “strict parent” of the zodiac signs, so they have no problem laying down the law in their classes.

Accountant: With a love of money, creating structure, and helping others fix their lives, accountant is the perfect job for the Seagoat. Capricorns are hardworking, dependable, and pay attention to the smallest detail.

CEO: With Capricorn, they are in their career for the long run and are happy to climb the ladder to get to the very top. Capricorns are not bossy, they’re the boss.

Politician: Capricorns are natural-born leaders and crave to be in charge. The Seagoat’s ambitious nature certainly meshes well with a career in politics, either as a congressperson, governor, senator, and even dreams of the Oval Office. Enduring, organized, cunning, and ambitious they would do well in the political arena.

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