Capricorn Worst Careers

School Counselor: While Capricorns enjoy helping others and have a lot of patience, they aren’t the best at dealing with feelings and emotions. Capricorns are blunt, direct, and like to get right to the point in a conversation, which isn’t helpful in a counseling session.

Minster: Capricorn likes to deal with tangible realities, believing only what they can see with their eyes and touch with their hands. They don’t enjoy dealing with abstract concepts and do not generally believe in blind faith.

Call Center Agent: Capricorn enjoys growing with a job. They want to feel like they climb the ladder and reach the top. So, it’s safe to say a Capricorn would steer clear from a career at a call center. Ambitious Capricorn could not stand a dead-end job with no room to grow.

Fast Food Worker: Same with being a call center agent, being a fast food worker is another dead-end job that Capricorn wouldn’t love to work at for the rest of their lives. Other than winning “Employee of the Month,” fast food worker has no real recognition or chance of moving up in the ranks.

Reality TV Personality: Capricorns are aloof, reserved, and don’t like to throw their personal information out into the world. So, bringing their private life into the public would be a major no-no for the Seagoat.

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