Capricorn Love

In the beginning… At the start of a relationship, Capricorn will be very difficult to read. Reserved and aloof, the Seagoat is not the one to open their heart up easily—even when they are in a relationship. They like to keep their guard up at all times. If they decide to be in a relationship, they’re in it for good. If their partner is patient and gentle with Capricorn, they’ll eventually let their guard down and start becoming more vulnerable.

When things are going well… In relationships, Capricorns are looking for someone to help take over the world with them. They want to be a part of a “power couple” dynamic. Capricorn can and will stay single until they find that someone who is just as ambitious, accomplished, and talented as they are—while sharing the same vision. Once Capricorns find that person, they’re completely smitten with them. Always thinking in the long-term, Capricorn is already planning for the future.

When things are on the rocks… While Capricorn may appear confident and sure of themselves on the outside, they do have deep feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. They need constant praise and affirmation from their lover in order to feel safe and loved in a relationship. (Yes, even if your Capricorn doesn’t give you words of affirmation in return.) If Capricorns aren’t getting comforting words from their partner, they will retreat back into their shell. Next thing you know, their walls are back up. Sometimes defined as moody, Capricorns are prone to giving the silent treatment if they feel like they’ve been slighted by their lover or feel like they are not being appreciated enough.

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