Capricorn Worst Match

Aries: Both Capricorn and Aries are strong-willed leaders, who won’t back down from an argument, which could lead to some intense fighting. They each live their lives completely differently. Capricorn is calculating and likes to plan out his or her every move, meanwhile, Aries is impulsive and wild. Aries’ living-in-the-moment attitude will drive the goal-oriented Seagoat mad. They also don’t forgive easily, and past conflicts will easily be brought up again and again.

Gemini: Capricorn may be blessed with a great deal of patience, but that won’t be enough to deal with the excitable, disorganized, extravagant, Gemini. These two have completely different ways that they live their lives. Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking, and strategic—they play the long game and will plan for years in advance. Meanwhile, Geminis will have changed their minds about their own ambitions five times before breakfast.

Leo: Leo is impulsive while Capricorn is a planner. Both are dominant personalities that will bow down to no one. Both crave to be completely admired, but are uninterested in sharing the spotlight. Unless one can take a backseat and compromise (a word neither Capricorn or Leo have ever used), this relationship should be avoided.

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