How Will a Capricorn Dump You?

If a Capricorn has decided to break up with you, it’s usually because he or she had to choose between his or her ambitions and your relationship. Spoiler alert: They usually pick their ambitions. If they get a big promotion that takes them halfway across the country and their partner doesn’t want to move, Capricorns are still packing their bags. Nothing will get in the way of their goals, not even love.

Capricorns are looking for a partner who has the same dreams and vision as they do—someone they can work with. If someone is making them choose between them and their career—it was never meant to be. And Capricorn will be hurt that their lover had to make them choose. Capricorn will also break up with someone if they feel their partner is not ambitious enough for them. Capricorn wants a partner who is just as hardworking, accomplished, and talented as they are—the Seagoat cannot stand lazy people. They will not tolerate someone who lays around all day and won’t get a job. They don’t have the time for that.

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