Capricorn Rising

Ice, ice baby! When first meeting a Capricorn rising, it can be a chilly experience. This is one of the most serious rising signs, holding any initial reflex or sign of emotion very close to the vest. This isn’t about privacy necessarily, it’s about maintaining control of how others perceive them. Success runs thick through their veins and they want others to know just how successful they are.

It’s not that Capricorn rising people have had all of the fun sucked out of them, but let’s remember: They are ruled by the planet Saturn. In astrology, Saturn represents rules, responsibility, restriction, fear, and structure. From a very young age, Capricorn rising people knew responsibility.

What they experience early on in life, prepares them to be the ultimate business-savvy individual. Capricorn rising people are natural entrepreneurs who have a deep need for stability and security, and it’s because of this that work is always on their mind.

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