Aquarius Rising

Buzz cut and bright pink air? It’s impossible to sum up Aquarius rising people in one word, as their eccentric personalities feel boundless. Witty, intelligent, and eclectic are all common words for Aquarius rising.

Aquarius is a sign that’s all about the community—so we find that Aquarius rising people are generally more social-oriented: large friend groups, a million group chats, and hitting a political rally. While they are welcoming, they do require a lot of space to operate, as they possess an emotionally detached nature.

With their ruler being Uranus, the planet of surprise and rebellion, it’s easy to see why this is rising sign was born to stand out. They also have the ability to problem-solve like no other—coming up with inventive solutions on the spot. And while Aquarius rising, or Aquarius ascendant, people are eager to help the greater good, they also have an undeniable stubborn streak.

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