Aquarius Moon

Burr, it’s cold in here. Is there an Aquarius moon in the house? This moon sign placement can be incredibly emotionally detached, and oftentimes, it can indicate a childhood that had an emotionally distant mother or father. Intellect rules over their emotions from a young age for this one. These lunar placements were conditioned to control their emotional investment, response, and world.

The individualism found within Aquarius suns is also found in the lunar placement, but oftentimes, Aquarius moon people internalize this as feeling “different” from other people. There is a real unique personality with these people, but it can feel isolating at times—especially if the moon receives harsh aspects from other planets in the birth chart.

This moon sign is observant, welcoming, and incredibly social. Time spent within likeminded communities and friendships are oftentimes their preferred way to emotionally recharge.

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