How to Seduce an Aquarius

Seducing an Aquarian starts with the mind before any other part of the body gets involved. Witty banter, the ability to surprise them with unexpected knowledge, and holding your own when things take a turn for the weird is a great way to form a seductive bond with an Aquarius. Be flexible, be cool, and be yourself… that’s what attracts an Aquarius.

Seduce them by spending time exploring their more esoteric interests. An impressive first date might include a trip to a comic bookstore, planetarium visit, or electronic music concert.

Most importantly, show that you care. Talk about the causes and issues that mean something to you is a major foundation of getting this socially minded Air sign to fall for you. 

Don’t get overly emotional or be afraid to keep a respectful distance at first; this sign will respect your independence. Aquarius prefers genuine connection over compliments and ego-stroking, so be real, down-to-earth, and engaged.

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