Aquarius Sex

For most Aquarians, the brain is the sexiest body part! Establishing a solid (and flirtatious) mental connection is deeply erotic for this sign. On the flip side, heady Aquarians can also be somewhat detached, so when it comes to casual sex, the most casual the better.

While Scorpio is probably the sign in the zodiac that’s most associated with sex, Aquarians are no stranger to the bedroom! In fact, with their open minds and desire to push the boundaries, they are probably the kinkiest sign. They have an unconventional approach to sex (as with everything else), so get ready to confront some sexual taboos.

Because they are so connected to their intellect, expect good communication when it comes to sex. Aquarians are great at talking about and establishing boundaries, expectations, and desires. If you’re into something a bit unique, don’t be afraid to bring it up to this sign. There aren’t too many things that would weird them out!

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