Aquarius Love Language

When it comes to the love language for an Aquarius, “language” is the operative word! As an air sign, they value direct and intellectual communication. They express themselves from the head way more than the heart, so don’t expect a lot of intense emotional conversations with this sign.

Communicating with an Aquarius is about honesty and flexibility: They’ll never open up if they feel cornered, and they can get uncomfortable if they feel like you expect them to manage (or even understand) all of their emotions.

“Acts of service” are another important way Aquarians show and experience love. Aquarius sees the world as an interconnected place, and highly values the way human beings interact with and help one another. Doing small things to help your Aquarian partner throughout the day will definitely show them you care.

Aquarians aren’t the sign to participate in big, showy displays of emotion or affection. However, when it comes to love, they do put a tremendous amount of thought into their interactions. Aquarians are great at paying attention to their partners and showing up in subtle ways. Taking the time to listen to their interests and passions is definitely an important part of making an Aquarian feel loved.

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