Aquarius Psychic Traits

Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus, which rules over astrology. As such, Aquarians have an innate understanding of the cosmic link between society and the stars. This creates an interesting dynamic between intuition, curiosity, and systems.

While this sign may have a deep love for all things strange, weird, and even spooky, they’ll only dive in if they find a way to explain it. Unlike Pisces, the most psychic sign, Aquarians are unlikely to sit with their emotions and try to connect with the beyond, or spend time engaging with the dream space. They prefer to be more hands (and head) on in their explorations of life’s curiosities.

If there is one Aquarian quality that is the most psychic, it has to be that they seem to be able to see the future! Because they are such a progressive sign, Aquarian’s ability to see what’s coming next can be viewed as a kind of sixth sense. After all, what are psychics if not visionaries?

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