Aquarius Worst Matches

Zodiac signs that tend to bond quickly and deeply (like water signs) will feel alienated when dating slow-to-commit Aquarians. These signs include:

Scorpio: Bonding with a Scorpio can make you feel like the only person in the world, which is not a comfortable position for Aquarius. Getting to know an Aquarius takes time, patience, and flexibility, while Scorpio tends to dive into intense relationships quickly.

Taurus: Responsible and focused Taurus is a problematic match for an Aquarius. Taurus is a grounded earth sign, which doesn’t fit with Aquarius’ scattered air sign style. The sign of the Bull likes to take a slow and steady focused approach to life, setting long term goals and working towards them at their own pace.

Cancer: Like Scorpio, Cancer is a water sign that lives life according to their feelings. This makes an uneasy match for emotionally reserved Aquarius. Cancer is a nurturing sign that tends to show their love through taking care of people. From a home-cooked meal to long supportive phone calls, Cancers feel satisfied when they feel needed. This is a difficult style for Aquarians, who prefer space and distance in relationships—especially until they feel comfortable.

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