Aquarius Weaknesses

There’s a flip side to every coin, and some of the qualities that make Aquarians so special can also create challenges.

  • Obsessed with Change
  • Arrogant
  • Misunderstood
  • Distracted
  • Detached
  • Rebellious
  • Alienated

Obsessed with Change: Unconventional Aquarians are great at pushing the envelope, but their obsession with progress and difficulty reading and responding to emotions can be off putting.

Arrogant: They can tend towards arrogance when their unique opinions aren’t understood, accepted, or taken seriously.

Misunderstood: In fact, being misunderstood (especially during childhood or adolescence) can make this sign build up serious walls that aren’t easy to pull down.

Distracted: Whereas a sign like Taurus always takes things slow (thanks to their grounded worldview and realistic goals), an Aquarian is always inventing.

Detached: While they are doggedly obsessed with making the world a better place, sometimes this love for the world at large can obscure the importance of interpersonal relationships.

Rebellious: Aquarians can have problems with authority that can create difficulty in school, the workplace, or even society at large.

Alienated: Difficulties both expressing and understanding emotions is a major problem for many Aquarians.

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