Aquarius House

Aquarius rules the eleventh house: the house of the future! This house is where we see progress and innovation driving changes. It’s a forward-thinking house that determines where we’re headed—even if we can’t see it yet. When dealing with the eleventh house, be prepared for surprises. This is not an area that sticks to a pattern, but instead, is where we find the unknown and have the opportunity to learn how to react to the unpredictable nature of life.

This house is concerned with society and social structures. In a broad sense, it’s where Aquarius gets its humanitarian focus. It controls systems at large and how we relate to each other when it comes to politics.

The eleventh house is also where technology falls in the zodiac wheel. Because of its strong connection to innovation, this House deals with tech innovation. (It’s basically the Silicon Valley house of the zodiac.)

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