Aquarius Career Weaknesses

While this sign has plenty to offer in terms of creativity, open-mindedness, and excitement, they often too have some downsides.

Not Deadline-Oriented: If you have a tight deadline that needs to be met, hiring an Aquarius might not be your best bet.

Rule-Breaker: Following strict rules and orders is difficult, as Aquarians rarely go “by the book.”

Restless: Aquarians don’t thrive in structured environments, and as such don’t like being cooped up in an office. Traditional office environments will leave Aquarians feeling claustrophobic and unhappy over time.

Defensive: These “rebels of the zodiac” will be naturally suspicious of corporate environments, questioning their intentions and utility regularly. This quality might make it difficult for them to handle criticism (constructive or otherwise), especially if they don’t respect their superiors.

Leaders Not Followers: While they make good leaders, taking orders from others is a different story. Part of the reason why Aquarius is the most revolutionary sign is that they have an innate ability to question systems and authority.

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