Pisces Rising

Having their head in the clouds is an everyday affair when it comes to Pisces rising and Pisces ascendant natives. This is a rising sign that might come off as living in a constant state of disassociation. As lovers of art and music, these sensitive rising sign people are emotional sponges that are affected by anything and everything. A simple song lyric could bring tears to their eyes.

That said, Pisces rising natives are one of the most empathetic zodiac signs. Their understanding and capacity for others’ pain is never-ending. They are one of the most understanding rising signs out there, and because of their open-mindedness, they can actually adopt a shape-shifter reputation.

Their personality, at the surface, can easily change to fit whoever they are with. And as a mutable zodiac sign, Pisces are apt to change their minds constantly. It’s hard to pin down whether they’re shy or outgoing—it just depends which personality you get that day.

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