Pisces Career Weaknesses

Self-Pitying: There are few things that are more difficult to deal with than when Pisces natives start feeling sorry for themselves. When they lose confidence at work, they are virtually useless until you’re able to talk them up again.

Overly Sensitive to Criticism: When you need to give a Pisces constructive criticism, you might want to tread lightly. Pisces natives can be an “either or” type of person. Even when you’re gentle with what a Pisces did wrong, all this zodiac sign can hear is “I’m not worthy.”

Dependent: While Pisces natives can be great independent workers, their emotions make them some of the most dependent coworkers around. Their constant need for approval and reassurance can really disrupt their working relationships.

Lacking Boundaries: Pisces natives wants to be friends and, sometimes, they don’t know the line between business and professionalism. Pisces natives can lose their direction easily, and this can cause their workplace relationships to move from professional to maybe a little too personal too quickly.

Escapist: Once Pisces natives retreats into their own little world, it’s hard to reach them. Daydreaming at a meeting is one thing, but if you’re counting on them for something major like a big presentation, good luck getting through to them. 

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