Pisces Love Compatibility

Cancer: These two love to dream together, create masterpieces and imagine all of the possible “what ifs” that their relationship can one day manifest. They can both put on their rose-colored glasses, and easily get lost in an idealized world. This pairing is excellent at shutting out the rest of the world while they create their happily-ever-after with just the two of them.

Scorpio: When a Pisces falls in love with a Scorpio, it’s one emotional rollercoaster ride. Often thought of as “meant to be,” there can be an unbreakable psychic force between the two of them that is unparalleled with any other two signs. The chemistry when they meet is undeniable, and love at first sight is often mentioned when they’re retelling how they met.

Pisces: You have the “opposites attract” theory—and then there’s these two. As with all same-sign couples, these two really get each other, but they also have the ability to connect on an emotional level that even other same-sign couples don’t understand. Once they decide to form a union, this pairing jumps into the deep end together. For better or for worse, they aren’t easily torn apart.

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