Pisces Moon

This is the most “I see dead people” moon sign ever. Just kidding (kind of). If you have a Pisces moon and don’t believe in ghosts, you may be in the minority. Pisces moon placements have quite a connection to other worlds and dimensions. Their heads are constantly in the clouds, and daydreaming can take over their waking hours. This is an incredibly psychic placement to have as a moon sign.

Ruled by Neptune (in modern astrology), there is an otherworldly spirituality with this placement. Their intuition may be their greatest asset—and that’s great because keeping track of ordinary day-to-day routines isn’t their bag. “Practical” and “consistent” aren’t words they’re worried about.

Pisces moon placements crave fluidity and, as a mutable zodiac sign, they prefer to leave options open-ended. This isn’t to say they won’t commit when it comes to love, as this is one of the most loving moon placements to have. In fact, a Pisces moon person’s love and compassion has no limits.

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