How to Seduce a Pisces

Getting Pisces natives to open up to you enough to invite seduction is tricky business. Talking about their dreams, spirituality, the occult, or anything mystical is a good place to start. The more a Pisces has in common with you, the better chance you have to get him or her to open up and to see you as someone they’d like to spend some more intimate time with.

Pisces also has a compassionate side, and is easily taken in by sob stories. We’re not suggesting you make something up to play on their sympathies, but if you’re willing to open up about real-life experiences, a Pisces will be touched. Pisces natives appreciate vulnerability.

Once you get as far as inviting a Pisces over for a date, make sure that the place you’ve chosen is Pisces-approved. Pisces are big romantics, so the setting counts. A scene with a bottle of their favorite wine, fresh flowers, and candlelight helps get Pisces natives in the mood for love. Reading them poetry won’t hurt either.

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