Pisces Sex

Sex with a dreamy Pisces can be a romantic, emotional experience that you’ll never forget if you allow it to be. Pisces natives are excellent at seducing people with their shy, romantic ways. They not only talk a good game, but follow it up with action (especially when they can sense that there’s a potential for more than just a physical connection).

Pisces natives don’t usually go one for one-night stands, as they crave a more intimate emotional connection with a sexual partner than they can get during a brief encounter. (However, they are represented by the Two Fish swimming in opposite directions, so let’s not say one-night stands are completely off the table.) They are generally old-fashioned and like to be pursued and seduced over the long-term. They possess a shyness that usually prevents them from making the first move.

A big turnoff for a Pisces is someone who’s loud, rude, and obnoxious.  And someone who treats other people poorly? Think again. While they can be naïve on certain levels, Pisces natives also have the ability to see into people’s souls. If there’s someone pretending to cover up who they truly are, a Pisces’ intuition can usually uncover it instantly.

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