Pisces Worst Matches

Aries: As an impulsive fire sign, Aries is full speed ahead. Pisces likes to wade in slowly and fully explore what they might be getting into. There is a basic, mutual lack of understanding that can lead to general mistrust, which doesn’t work for sensitive Pisces. Aries is independent, while Pisces is co-dependent. Outgoing Aries has a lot of trouble relating to the Two Fish’s introverted ways.

Gemini: Emotional Pisces has a hard time grasping Gemini’s airy approach to life, and vice versa. There is a lot of creative potential in this union, but it’s hard to define a sustainable emotional connection. One of the weak spots: trust. Gemini natives likes their freedom and aren’t always forthcoming about where they’ve been, who they’ve seen, etc. Geminis also like to play mind games, which Pisces natives aren’t typically into. A Gemini’s basic personality can mess with a Pisces’ sensitive side and lower their self-image, which causes nothing but trouble in the long-term.

Libra: On the surface, as light air and heavy water signs, these two appear to have very little in common. Libra is looking for someone who’s bold and confident, while Pisces wants a partner who is gentle, compassionate, and emotionally aware. Neither person likes a lot of aggressiveness or roughness, which is fine, but neither is likely to be the initiator either. This creates the main issue: If there is interest, who will initiate and take it to the next level?

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