When Is Pisces Season?

Pisces season, from February 19 to March 20, is for the dreamers. It’s when all the things we want to do or wish for come to the front of our mind. We find ourselves drifting off into Neverland. Unfortunately, you could be so busy thinking about your dreams, that you fail to take any action to accomplish said dreams. (But of course, that’s what Aries season is for!)

It’s no doubt that Pisces season is usually emotional, and can make every zodiac sign feel like they’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Oh, and hopefully, you’re comfortable knowing things are going to happen before they do. Pisces season gives us all a little cosmic intuitive boost.

Your dreams could be especially buck wild, so you might want to keep a journal and pen by your bedside to write down what comes through. And do be sure to pay attention to those sudden nudges during the day. That’s your intuition telling you the path to take.

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