Pisces Psychic

Like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is also a highly intuitive zodiac sign, and known for its psychic skills. A magical connection to the unseen helps Pisces natives envision what others can’t. Their uncanny intuition makes them seem like they know things that other people don’t know. Which sometimes is actually true.

So, even though Pisces natives have excellent intuition and advanced psychic ability, they don’t always know (or admit) it. Pisces natives often lack self-confidence and self-esteem. They frequently second-guess themselves, and they’re disappointed when they find out that their gut feeling was right all along! This is a learned skill, and the older they get, the better they are at trusting that little voice inside them.

As a mutable sign, Pisces natives are highly impressionable. This zodiac sign is open to alternative energy sources, including the spirit world. Pisces natives are extremely receptive to the unknown and to things that other people rule out. Pisces truly believes there is more to life than we can see. Pisces natives innate psychic abilities help them prove their theories and suspicions to others.

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