Pisces Love Language

Pisces natives are shy and quiet and, as a rule, they prefer to spend their time listening than talking. When they ask their partner, “How was your day,” they really want to know. They will listen intently and compassionately. Pisces natives also offer up a soft, understanding shoulder to cry on, or can be an excellent sounding board. They are also very intuitive, so they often sense or know what their partner is going to say before they even say it. They are very in tune with body language, other nonverbal signals, and are receptive to alternate ways of communicating with their partners.

Pisces natives usually have a soft, gentle voice, and they rarely raise it unless they have no other choice. If they feel like they aren’t being heard, they’ll likely retreat before they’ll start yelling. This can be frustrating to a partner who wants to hash out the details of a disagreement, but if your Pisces isn’t in the mood for a heated discussion, there won’t be one. The Two Fish are masters at withdrawing into themselves, so far that no one can reach them once they don’t want to be reached.

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