Pisces Body Parts

Pisces tend to be delicate, and therefore aren’t the physically strongest sign. This zodiac sign does understand the connection between the mind and body, though. Pisces natives are very attuned to mental health issues, and make good efforts to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong. They have a rich and varied mental life, and know the importance of keeping stress to a minimum. So, which body part does Pisces rule?

In astrology, the body part Pisces is assigned to is the feet. Pisces natives might find that they have a lot of various foot issues to deal with during their lifetime. Most Pisces natives have their podiatrists on speed dial, and schedule regular visits to make sure they keep their footsies in tip-top shape. 

With their penchant for always looking on the positive side, though, Pisces don’t always want to visit a doctor. This is a zodiac sign that prefers to “wait and see” what time will bring. Because this zodiac sign can tend to worry, the longer Pisces goes without getting an ailment checked out, the worse it is.

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