Libra Rising

Warm, fair, witty, and pleasant, Libra rising natives are welcoming and rarely rock the boat when it comes to love, family, and friend relationships. With the ruler of their birth chart being Venus, Libra rising natives can be quite physically stunning. The Libra rising people in your life may be the best dressed and even pretty glamourous.

If you think a Libra sun is indecisive—enter Libra rising! Libra ascendants must weigh all of the decisions before making a move. Going out for a night on the town? Sure, but this rising sign needs to try on at least 7 outfits first. Deliberation takes time, as they want to make sure they are making the best decision possible for all parties.

Committing to a stance and holding their ground can prove difficult for Libra rising natives. This is one of their greatest tasks during this life: learning to navigate and advocate for their needs and opinions.

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