Libra Symbol

It’s all about balance, right? And who’s the most centered out of all of the zodiac signs? Libra! The zodiac symbol of these charming individuals is represented by a set of scales.

The depiction of the scales charts all the way back to Themis, an ancient Greek Titaness. Themis held the Scales of Justice, and personified divine law, order, justice, and fairness. Libra is the only zodiac sign with a symbol that is an inanimate object. For a sign that’s often stereotyped for loving shopping, this symbolism sheds some extra light on their spending habits and love of luxury. Their ruling planet is Venus, which epitomizes harmony and lavishness all wrapped up into one.

It’s important to note that the Libra symbol is a set of scales that is already balanced. This is the ideal state this sign craves. Libras are also hopeless romantics, so the scales represent two halves creating a complete whole.

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