Libra Body Parts

Libra rules a diverse cross-section of the body including the kidneys, skin, lower back, and buttocks. If a Libra is experiencing stress or trauma, it will likely physically be manifested in one of these areas. They may have issues with hormonal acne, uneven skin, or dry spots. A regular skin routine, as well as daily sunscreen application, are especially important to keep the Scales from getting… well, scaly.

Kidney stones and UTIs in women are a concern. Alpha lipoic acid and probiotics can help long term kidney health, as well as keeping a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Libras maintain a lot of their sense of physical balance through the lower back. To maintain a healthy spine, regular yoga class is a great option for a sign that is already known for its flexibility! Not only can it help improve that lifelong question for good balance, but it can also help stretch the lower back and prevent tension and soreness.

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