Libra Best Careers & Career Advice

Curator: Thanks to their ruling planet, Venus, Libras have a great eye for all things visually pleasing. With their love of the arts, a career as a curator makes perfect sense. Bringing art and beauty to the world is a particular point of pride for Libras, so making a career of it makes sense for this artsy sign.

Fashion Designer or Stylist: Libras always look great, so why not make a career out of it? Fashion mavens will appreciate getting to flex their style skills and spend time pulling clothes, researching designers, and creating red-carpet-ready looks.

Lawyer: Debating for a living? Talk about a Libra dream job! With their natural sense of diplomacy, law makes perfect sense for this equitable sign. One of the main life goals for a Libra is finding a sense of balance, harmony and justice—all vital ideals when working in law.

Guidance Counselor: Just because Libras have difficulty making decisions, doesn’t mean they can’t help others find a path to stick to. Libras are great with people—especially younger people who are confused. Empathetic, kind, and good listeners, Libra would be a deeply sympathetic and effective guidance counselor.

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