Libra Love Language

Libras love to feel connected through language. Whether it’s with a friend, on a first date, or with a long-term partner, Libras love discussion—and lots of it. More than that, they sometimes won’t have an opinion they’re trying to present. Expect a Libra to go back and forth on an issue and play devil’s advocate in order to make sure they understand all the sides.

As with all air signs, Libras tend to intellectualize emotions (both theirs and those of other people and partners). At times, they might agree in the moment to settle a situation or argument. You might feel like things have been handled, but tensions will fester under the surface if you don’t get to work out all sides of a situation. This can lead to resentment down the line, so when you’re communicating with your Libra partner, make sure you’re asking them questions and tending to their needs as well.

Libra is a gentle sign that doesn’t enjoy or respond to aggression and will be uncomfortable in a fight. They want to calmly weigh all the options before making any decisions. Above all, communication with Libra needs to be ongoing, open, flexible, and honest.

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