Libra Love Compatibility

This romantic sign always has admirers and ultimately wants to find their one true love. But which sign are they most compatible with? A Libra should search for:

Gemini: These two air signs are a great match, connecting on intellect and ideas. They are both passionate about culture and can engage for hours with their thoughts and opinions around art, music, and literature. Their compatible social lives help to avoid jealousy, as both of these easygoing signs love to socialize and trust each other.

Sagittarius: With a passion for fairness and equality, Sagittarius and Libra are both noble signs that just want to bring peace and justice into the world. Friendly and fun-loving, these signs are instantly attracted to each other.

Aquarius: Aquarius needs a partner who cares about the world around them, so Libra’s quest for equality in all things will be a major turn on. Aquarians can be unconventional, but open-minded and easygoing Libras are always down to learn something new. This is a match that can go out and have fun together, but also be independent enough to do their own thing.

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