Libra Sex

As a sign that appreciates beauty and the physical form, Libras become attracted on a physical level first. They can be conventional in their type, to the point of being superficial. They appreciate lingerie, good lighting, and some pre-date photos to set the mood.

Libra is a typical air sign in that they enjoy the conversational element of sex as much as the physical act. They are good at engaging in flirty messages and conversations, and get fired up knowing their partner can match them in wordplay. They also appreciate the romantic aspects of sex and physical connection, from flirting beforehand to cuddling afterwards. Rose petals on the bed? A bubble bath waiting for you? These are Libra’s specialties!

Libras want sex to be harmonious and mutually beneficial. Libras are givers in bed, so don’t be afraid to make your needs clear. Their sweet and gentle nature means they can tend to play it safe in bed—the idea of hurting someone makes them want to put on the breaks. 

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