Libra Planet

Along with Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, money. It’s no wonder this aesthetically oriented sign is so visually (and oftentimes superficially) driven. While the influence of Venus is more about touch for Taurus, Libras interpret beauty through the eyes. Libras love to surround themselves with beauty, from the art on their walls to the company they keep. Looks are important to a Libra, and the Venusian influence means they take their signature style seriously.

Venus is also the planet that rules money, and how we use that money to create the life we want. It’s about the relationship to the material goods that bring us joy. It determines what gifts we want for ourselves and to give to others.

Ultimately, Venus is about pleasure. It’s about living a life in pursuit of the finer things is a defining Libra trait. When Venus is involved, the notion of pleasure is something that should be shared. After all, beauty is something that unites society and can be appreciated on a grand scale. Through Venus, we find our understanding of leisure, sensuality, and what makes us feel special.

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