Libra Career Weaknesses

Ambivalent: For a Libra, the downside to being passionate about presenting all sides of an argument is when you have to choose one. Because they are so good at seeing every point of view, they can talk themselves (and others) into an endless go-around of options without ever making a decision.

Difficulty Standing Up for Themselves: Have you ever been confronted by a Libra? Chances are, the answer is no. Libras hate conflict and will do pretty much anything to avoid it.

Bossy. Because they are so good at seeing every angle of a problem, they expect that everyone wants (and needs) to hear their thoughts.

Lack of Expertise: Libras can fall victim to being a “master of all trades, and jack of none.” Because they like balance, it’s difficult for them to commit a level of dedication to a single path that gives them a true expertise in a subject matter.

Lack of Follow Through: A Libra’s eyes can be bigger than their stomach (so to speak) when it comes to taking on projects.

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