Cancer Weaknesses

Cancers have a lot of great qualities, but here are some traits that keep them from being perfect.

  • Moody
  • Insecure
  • Rigid
  • Randomly Uncommunicative
  • Pessimistic


Moody: If you are a Cancer or know one, it’s not a shocker that moodiness is first up on this list. With the moon as the Crab’s ruling planet, they’re highly influenced by the fluctuating tides. In a way, a Cancer’s moodiness really isn’t his or her fault. Or at least this zodiac sign would love for you to believe that!

Insecure: With Cancer, insecurity is at the root of a lot of their apparent weaknesses, including possessiveness, jealousy, clinginess, and even vanity (a classic sign of overcompensation from someone’s who’s insecure). Cancer has a constant need for reassurance.

Rigid: While Cancers try hard (and succeed) at being sympathetic and understanding most of the time, they do have a rigid, judgmental side. Crabs can grab hold of a thought or an opinion and stick with it just like a security blanket.

Randomly Uncommunicative: On a good day, a Cancer will sit next you and chat about everything under the sun. On a bad day, getting a Cancer to utter even a few words to you is like pulling teeth.

Pessimistic: When Cancers spend too much time in their own head, their thoughts can turn dark. Luckily, they can usually overcome their pessimism by spending time focusing on their blessings, but that doesn’t stop their minds from wandering to the dark side occasionally.

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